Software Defined Radio Meetup

Since 2016, Pamela O’Shea has been running Melbourne’s Software Defined (SDR) Radio meetup group. The Melbourne SDR meetup serves as a forum to exchange knowledge and ideas related to Software Defined Radio (both software and hardware), and generally aims to get people excited about all the applications that can be realised with the technology. At each meetup, attendees will have the opportunity to present their work/ideas to the group. Engineers, enthusiasts, hobbyists and people of all experience levels are welcome, no matter what your software/hardware background. Everyone is welcome to submit their ideas and presentations.

Details of our current and past events can be found here:

haXX Meetup

Since 2018, we have been running our community outreach group called haXX. This is an ethical hacking learning group for women trying to break into the technical security field. Founded in Melbourne in 2018, it provides hands on security classes for women with a burning desire to be in the technical security field with varying levels of technical experience.

Previously we have hosted a series of hands-on evening classes on reverse engineering and malware analysis for 20 participants between January and May in 2020.

We also ran a series of evening classes on web hacking and we were delighted to have received 96 applications for 20 spots! This took place between February and May in 2019.

In addition to the courses, we have a career series which aims to motivate and guide women in their technical careers where we invite industry speakers to talk about their career history and day to day activities.

Finally, we also support the haXX group through an online Slack workspace and social nights.

Details of our current and past events can be found here: